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Originally Posted by ToriD1012 View Post
Hey y'all! I'm not making goals this week, cause my heart and head just aren't in it. I've been making good choices, and logging my food, just can't seem to make any goals this week. I have a message from Mike though. And this is verbatim what he said I could say

"Okay, you can quote me too. "Ama, Mern, quinniepoo, whomever is looking for me... I can't get the damn forums. I've tried multiple devices with multiple browsers with no mother effing luck. So for now y'all will just have to do without me.<---- I approve this message"

So, that's why we've been MIA. Hope all have a great week.
Yep... you can tell Mike that I've been in the same boat. This afternoon is the first time that I could get on since Friday, I think.

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