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Hey Everyone!

I'm still running into a lot of log on issues. It may just be the time of day that I try. Over the weekend, I couldn't get into the forums at all. Again, some issues today. Just wanted to pop in and say that I'm doing well and only 5 lbs, from my summer goal weight. My secret weapon has been my panini maker! I can make a low-cal, healthy lunch or supper in 10 minutes and 250 calories. It's been awesome. I have a commercial one, but you can buy a decent one for $25.

Another thing that I have been doing since the first of the year is roasting a whole chicken on Sunday, shredding it and then using the meat for lunches and suppers during the week. Today for lunch, I used a Joseph's Flatbread (90 calories), 1/2c. of my chicken seasoned with my own Mexican seasoning blend, put it in the panini maker and then topped it with fresh salsa, lettuce, tomato and onion on top. It was amazing! I roast the chicken with a dry rub, and then remove the skin, fat and bones. This way, I can season it, on demand, 100 different ways. I've done Chicken Caesar Wraps, Mexican "burritos", and used it on a bunch of different salads. It's so quick and convenient. I don't know why I've never done this before.

Time to think about supper... May do broiled shrimp or salmon tonight. Have a great day!

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