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Focus on whole foods, fruits and veggies: Y
Do not eat anything out of a box, can, bag, bottle or package that has more than 5 ingredients listed on the label: Y
Vitamin daily: N
Lots of water: Y
Work hard: M - took a holiday so N
Stay positive ;-) : Y

Robin - HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I have been blending breakfast lately as well – I found that a handful of blueberries make most any combination of smoothie ingredients taste great!

Joanna – Sorry about your frustrations yesterday. You are doing really great!!! Love your attitude about a healthy lunch!

Mern – All I see is green! Yay! Your menu for today sounds delicious!

Jenn – Wii sounds like a fun workout!

Donna – I don’t think logging everything is obsessive at all! Good job with your Focus!

Cassie – Good luck this week! I love your No Excuses theme.

Hope – On vacation and still have a plan? Way to go!

Mike – Where are your goals? Shall we throw a few your way?

Caty – Great progress on your first week!

Lily – Welcome to FD! I am looking forward to seeing your list of goals!
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