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Mern, thanks for the welcome and for asking after me. Thank you to all who missed me (and even to those who didn't!!!) Your plan soudn delicious!! I have "menu envy." Food here is crazy exoenwsive 9and not jsut lobster I mean everything.)

Joanna, I feel your pain. I feel like these last ten pounds willNEVER come off. But let's not give up. I ahve friends who are onthis eating plan, Take Shape for Life. I was tempted to try it but not dissing anyone's plan, I am not big on pre packaged food. I am struggling so hard to do this with "real food."

Cassie, I have not had homemeade kale chips but i have gotten them many times in the health food store amd loved them. I bet they are healthier homemade. They are surprisingly high in calories and fat from the store but that is probably due to what they add to increase the yummy factor.

Hi Caty!!! Glad you "caught" us!!!

OK computer seems to be going nuts...
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