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  • Cholesterol < 250 mg/day: 166,
  • Exercise > 30 mins x 3:
  • Eat Vegetables > 3 servings/day: Y(4)
  • Protein > 50 g / day: 82
  • Total Calories < 1750 / day: 1445
  • Less Sugar intake (subjective): (Lots of fresh fruit)
Same goals as last week, without the obsession goal. It occurred to me that some might consider logging everything I eat as an obsession. But I've come to view it as a strength rather than a character flaw. I'll just call it 'Focus.'

Hope: Perhaps your daughter was a bit testy because she was going back to school and you were going on vacation?

Joanna: Don't give up on your goals! In my experence, the scale always moves discretely, rather than continuously. Stuck in one place for seemingly ever, then it will take a big jump, one way or the other!

Mern: Congrats on your successes!

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