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Quick check in, just got home and about to head out the door for pool league.

Originally Posted by bojibridge View Post
Hey folks, I'm here for the week! I'm working on not getting frustrated at this plateau I'm on, especially since it doesn't feel like I hardly made any progress since recommitting before I got stuck. I mean, I know the deal, but it's just do frustrating, and I keep having to remind myself that good things are happening in the inside, even if I'm not seeing it on the scale. It's just like, well screw it, I'm gonna eat potato chips 'til the cows come home, since being careful and working out doesn't seem to be making any difference. It takes so much mental energy to stay on track - you guys know how it is. I basically have to never stop thinking about not eating for even a second, can't let the guard down at all. And then I see no results. And I don't even feel happier knowing I've eaten well. I feel like I'd be happier if I'd just eaten the darn chips. Argh!

Okay, vent! I think I've just been sitting at home bored for the last three days, and also, I'm frickin' sick of being a work in progress! I just want to have reached my goal already.

Haha, no really , done venting.
I'm in a hurry, I'm going to read this and get back with you later.

Originally Posted by Mern View Post
Mike, well 10 miles is a great goal! More power to ya!
Woot woot, I got this.
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