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Originally Posted by bojibridge View Post
...and I keep having to remind myself that good things are happening in the inside, even if I'm not seeing it on the scale.
Aw, Joanna, I know EXACTLY what you mean. I kept running around in circles and wound up 14 freakin' pounds heavier than at my last doctor visit in August. Sometimes I do well on exercise and sometimes I detest it. Right now I have the motivation but am having to force myself to do it. But you are so right that even though you're not seeing it on the scale, good things are happening on the inside. I recognize that it's not always easy to come up with tweaks that will work to your advantage. How about looking to come up with some new healthful snacks. Use your creativity--I did that last week and found Laughing Cow Light Cheese spread on and rolled up in deli sliced turkey breast is really delicious--to me, I mean. Or try a new food or recipe each week. Might not spur your weight loss, but it would be better than caving to chips. Huge hugs to ya!

Hope! Hi and big cyberhug to ya! ! I missed that you were on a Carribean vacation! Glad you still are! Your food plan sounds wonderful and your goals great. Enjoy!

Mike, well 10 miles is a great goal! More power to ya!

Cassie, thanks so much for your encouragement on my new tweaks. LOL on your take about plateaus being nature's way of testing to see if we're really serious. One thing to my advantage--it's taking me a long time to get where I want to be, but I'm too darned stubborn to give up.

Robin, nice simple goals you listed this week. Thanks for your encouragement, too. Yes, I was elated to finally see the scale moving again and I feel really refreshed and confident I can make some real progress now. Thanks for sharing the ingredients in your smoothie. I think I'll play around with making my shakes more interesting--maybe add spinach and strawberries to my low carb vanilla protein shake tomorrow. I don't have a blender--I'll see what I could do in my food processor. I was thinking about your snowshoeing last night and guessing my hip sockets and glutes would feel the burn. It may even burn more calories than swimmimg, depending on the depth and wetness/weight of the snow. I won't be doing snowshoeing, except in my imagination.

Jenn, I HOPE my initial success with weight loss continues. We shall see. Thanks for your encouragement. Best wishes with your really nice goals again this week.
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