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Default Vegan/Weight Loss?

Hey there ! Now I know that this question is vague given that you have to take in my metabolism, body shape , etc to really answer this question but id like to see if anyone could give me an estimate .
I am currently 155 pounds, female who works a desk job (at a gym) full time. I eat junk food on a weekly basis and although I don't eat horribly other than that, I can't say I get enough veggies or fruits and have been slacking off on the gym.
My goal is to be around 130 pounds. If I adopt a vegan diet , eat around 1100-1200 calories per day, exercise five times per week with a 15 minute cardio warmup, an hour of weights an then a half an hour cardio workout at the end plus doing yoga once a week , taking cla , an amino acid complex , multivitamin, protein shake and creotine as well as cutting out all junk food in my diet, how quickly do you think I could attain my goal ?
Thank you !

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