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As someone who has been in an emotionally abusive relationship before, my heart goes out to you. From what you've shared, it does not sound like he's in a healthy spot to love anyone. I'm trying not to be negative towards him, as I realize I don't know the whole story, but I don't understand why he would enter a romantic relationship with someone he is unwilling to touch. On top of that, regardless of your size or shape, a healthy and loving partner would never compare you to the women in "adult" pictures or other women in general! That behavior should definitely stop. I'm glad to hear that it sounds like you're reassessing your relationship with him, and I hope in the end you'll make whatever decision is healthiest for you.

In the meantime, congratulations on letting anger fuel a healthy goal instead of letting it tear you down! I'm relatively new to the forums on fitday, and so far everyone has been very supportive. I hope you find what you need here.

Stay strong!

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