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Today's planned and pre-logged menu:

Breakfast: egg substitute omelet with black soybeans and brussels sprouts
Snack: Carb Master Dairy Blend (like yogurt)
Lunch: low carb turkey wrap with cucumber and spinach
Snack: egg (substitute) salad spread on green pepper
Dinner: chicken breast, mushrooms, yellow squash, black soybeans
Snack: turkey breast spread with Laughing Cow Cheese, protein shake

Cassie, so glad you were able to log on yesterday!

Joanna, I hope you thought of something fun or interesting to do today to stave off boredom and bored eating, but enjoy the lazy day today if you need a break from your usually very active life.

Robin, I was on the computer web surfing so much yesterday that it was no trouble to check in here often. What was in your green smoothie? OMG-60 minutes of snowshoeing must burn a lot of calories! Way to go!

Mike, I know you need a break from tending to this group. I can see it must take up an awful lot of your free time. Thanks for all you do for us.

Donna, kudos on hitting your veggie target four out of seven days last week. Congratulations on a VERY nice week overall.

Hope, where are you?
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