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I think I could join the circus, qualifying as a juggler. LOL It took me about half an hour to plan my day's menu to meet my new food guidelines with the portions of foods I want to eat today.

Here's today's menu:

Breakfast: Southwestern Egg Beaters omelet stuffed with raw yellow squash and Picante Sauce. (That was yummy--I may have it for tomorrow's breakfast, too. I find the Southwestern Egg Beaters a little spicy, but could tame them down using half of that and half regular egg substitute, if desired.)

Snack: low carb protein shake

Lunch: Turkey burger wrap with spinach and green peppers

Snack: another low carb protein shake

Dinner: baked, skinless chicken breast, black soybeans mashed with spices, brussels sprouts, cucumbers

Evening snack: Carb Masters Dairy Blend (like yogurt but with fewer carbs) with flaxmeal.
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