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Default Dont understand sodium levels

So I logged my food for the day and I was surprised to see that I had 2100mg of sodium. This didn't make sense so I went back through my food log and added up all of my sodium. I saw they were both under MG so I knew the amount measurement was the same. Most of my foods had 30-50mg of sodium I had one thing which was meat that had 400mg. Other than that I ate salad and fruit. Like I suspected after adding up everything up I had only had about 1000mg of sodium. I didn't eat any food high in sodium but the meat. So I knew something was off. I got alarmed because my RDA is only 1500 and its telling me I am way over when I didn't even have that much sodium.
And yes having to click on every item of food to add up my sodium was very tedious. And just in case I messed up I added it up 3 times manually!!

So how does this work? Does the number double for some unknown reason?

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