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Originally Posted by bumblebeebee View Post
Have you noticed that your weight loss has stopped as a result of the fruit? If not, why not keep eating it until you (maybe) see that it has gotten in your way? Fruits are very healthy food, even though they maybe be higher in naturally occurring sugars than some other foods. If it helps you enjoy your current healthy lifestyle and resist temptations of unhealthy sweets, I really can't see any reason to stop eating them unless you decide that you want to! ... Everybody is different- do what works best for you!
Bravo on this reply! Even my doctor says everybody is different. A nurse once told me that if fruit is a real problem for anyone they can get virtually the same nutrients from veggies.

Gill, if someone is gaining weight from eating fruit, they may be well advised to have their blood sugar checked as excess carbs not burned off will be stored as fat. I do have a blood sugar issue but am able to enjoy any kind of melon except watermelon and any kind of berries except grapes. I didn't learn until recently that grapes are berries.
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