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Robin, thanks--I did finish my workout and it was a little more fun since I popped my aerobic walking DVD into the computer in the living room and watched TV while I was exercising. Using the nutrition tracker to tally calories is a good start. And pre-planning your challenging meals is really great. Kudos on that! My doc's words are always in the back of my mind: "You don't have to be perfect, just better than you USED to be." This is not preaching--just telling you that I don't analyze all the tallies in my nutrition tracker, either, but find it a really valuable tool. Besides using the FitDay nutrition tracker database, each time I buy a new brand name food from the store, or something not listed in the nutrition tracker, I enter that nutrition info. as a custom food so I can go by that serving size and nutritional content. I actually look at my nutrition tracker daily tallies for only calories, saturated fat, protein, dietary cholesterol, fiber, and net carbs after deducting fiber. But now on my new metabolism boosting plan I must also be sure to not exceed total fat for each meal, so the nutrition tracker is helpful for that, too.
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