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Mern: enjoy your workout. I love what you said about the pre-planning and pre-logging I can SO see the truth of that. Right now I am solely tracking calories and maybe someday I will up the ante and start looking at contents of foods. Right now I am pre-planning the "challenging" meals and logging everything after the fact.

Hi Limarose nice to meet you. Your start weights and goals weights are very similar to mine within a few pounds. I too know what works for me even though I go through months of not doing it.

I am getting better at cooking stuff, packing my lunch so the take out is going way down. Good for the budget as well.

I was at Tae Kwon do this am, I teach this every tuesday and sat. It's not nearly as intense as it sounds because I do a lot of watching and holding pads and stuff. Don't get the workout the students get. The class is 1.5 hours and I am only logging 30 mins for an activity because the FITDAY calories burn estimate for martial arts is way high and does not reflect how much standing around goes on.

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