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Default Can I follow this gym workout plan 3days in a row?

My goal is to lose weight. My PT set me this plan. He's set me other ones . They're all different all but this is the current one one of the tougher ones after the HIIT plan.
He said I should do this 3 days a week I'm just wondering should I do it 3 days in a row or go every other day?

Bike - squat jump x2
All one set with 12 reps
Burpee x 4 sets
Dips exercise 4 sets
Sit ups x 4 sets
Split plank 30sec

Shoulder press x4
Leg press x 4

The other day I skipped the body weight set and did the lunges , mountain climber , plank set which I normally do in my other plan. As the gym was packed wasn't any free areas with a step then went on to the weight

Would that be okay to do 3 days in a row? or should I rest inbetween or do the more cardio(in a interval set) with just body weight the next day which he set before it was the first program he gave me.
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