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Default My cal intake

I have been reading ALOT of stuff on how many calories I should be consuming. I have decided that I was just going to consume or attempt to consume 2000 a day. I feel like that is not enough for me. Is there anyone who can tell me how many calories I should be consuming. I'm 19 years old 5'6" tall, I weigh 265 lb's. I go to school during the day then I work 5 times a week on my feet for about 4 hours a day moving/sweating. How many calories should I be eating. Then say I add in exercise and burn 500 calories per work out. Do I just add 500 calories back? How does it work.

I also have been eating healthy. I have dropped 15 lbs without much exercise do to my car situation and I will have one soon to start getting back to the gym. I find it hard to eat 2000 or more calories a day.
This has been my main food schedule

2 whole eggs. 2 egg whites scrambled spinich/onion added in. approximately 170 cal
1 whole wheat English muffin with natural peanut butter around 150 cal
8 oz of skim milk 80 cal

2 peices of whole wheat bread. 40 cal. each so 80 cal
Tuna with Tijon honey mustard/garlic/onion around 80 cal
Some type of salad with dressing low fat ranch I use around 90 cal of that and 1 tbsp of olive oil 200 cal

Usually just chicken with some random steamed veggies
I have no idea how much the dinner is in calories but not enough to get me to 2000

Snacks I usually have around 200 calories worth of mixed nuts

So that puts me a little under 1000 calories not counting dinner. And I know my dinner isn't 1000 calories. Any help on helping me get more calories into my diet would be great! Thanks for the help!
btw. I'm in school work and pay for bills. I don't have a lot of money to spend on expensive products. I'm trying to figure out ways I could add calories in a healthy way and cheap.
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