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Originally Posted by limarose View Post
Thanks Renee,
I know that to get where I want to be and make the changes I want to make, I'm going to have to really think about it and talk about it alot, but I'm just hoping that someday a fit lifestyle is the new normal and I don't have to obssess over it. I guess I'm jealous of people that are there and look great and then hearing them talk about how awful they feel about eating one doughnut or how they ran 3 miles that morning and it wasnt enough because they only feel they have really worked out i they run 6+ just makes me want to scream! i would be thrilled to be able to stop at just one doughnut or anytime I have ever run 3 miles, I am extremely proud of myself!
Anyway, I know the focus has to be on what is my next small positive change and how any choice I make today influences my success tomorrow. And I can't compare myself to others.
I had a skinny mocha at starbucks and turned down the temptation to order a sausage biscuit. I am having green beans and grilled chicken for lunch and now that I have been cleared again for moderate exercise by the doc today ( I had a heart procedure a week ago) I plan to walk a few miles over the weekend. I know from past experience that the hardest part is getting started.
Your welcome, I get it I have been there. Congrats on turning down the sausage biscuit I agree getting started is the hardest thing. Some times I don't feel like working out but I put on my work out clothes because I know if I do I will do it.

My first wake up call was a year after my Dad passed away. I had already been over weight for 20 years, still down about my Dad passing my health was going down hill. I just snapped out of it and a year later I was down 75#. Making good choices, walking and lots of water.

When I joined fitday my weight was up again due to a foot injury. My foot healed once I found out what was wrong but I had on going back problems. I felt like I was getting old and falling apart. I joined a class to strengthen my core, started to feel stronger and joined another class. I am really enjoying getting out of the house and meeting new people. I am still walking too but not as much as I should. Still working on getting off the weight I put on over the holidays as well. It's not coming off even though I am doing everything right but I am hanging in there. I know it will start dropping again soon. Fitday has helped a lot, I am really glad I found it. Hope it helps you too!

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"There is no diet that will do what eating healthy does. Skip the diet. Just eat healthy"
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