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Originally Posted by dmartz View Post
P.S. I bet the Fitday service problems are driving some people away.
I fear you might be right. I am pretty much a die-hard FitDay-er and I've been avoiding it.

Here is some info from admin...they are working on the issues:

Since the weekend, we have had an unprecedented load on our database as new users have signed up and started logging food in droves. This is of course excellent But has caused a few problems with keeping up with the demand. We actually added a brand new server box on Monday, and the tech team continues to troubleshoot issues with getting it fully synched with the rest of the servers (which is why some issues may be sporadic-- if a user logs in and happens to get the twitchy server, they may see issues; they they may log out & log back in and hit the old servers and be fine).

So I'm preaching patience (trying to practice it, too!) and thanking everyone for hanging in there .

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