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Default The diet is working for me and I feel great!

I started about 10 days ago at 284 lbs and the scale is 274 according to the doctor's office. I lost a lot of weight quick--probably because I also already weigh a lot.

I've been using ketone strips to check if I am in ketosis as of a few days ago and the strips turn as dark as possible. I also checked my fasting glucose as something extra since I am epileptic and I hear a ketogenic diet may help with my seizure threshold, it ranges from 60-75... except today when I started taking the temporary 12 day steroid, prednisone for some other problem unrelated. Unfortunately, that effects glucose and I hope I don't get knocked out of ketosis.

I've been keeping my calories between 1500 to 500. I've lost my hunger with this diet so I've had to force myself to eat something healthy. I also use the atkins shakes and have replaced dinner a few times with their frozen dinners. My calories are very low the days I do that. They're a great alternative when you're on the go.

My goal is to get under 200 lbs--199 right now. I definitely see it possible and also see the health benefits for me. Reduced seizures when meds aren't working, insulin levels normalizing so I do not become diabetic, and not extremely overweight.

I highly suggest the ketone strips in the diabetic secton of the pharmacies. Also, I did a 24 hour detox on this diet with only drinking water and my medicine. I started at 6pm and didn't eat until the next day at 6pm. It really helped jump start me into ketosis. I followed this based on John Hopkins' procedure for epileptics, for following the ketogenic diet. I will admit, I felt horrible the first 2 days. Had no energy, had headaches... I was told by a neurologist and professor who specializes in the ketogenic diet for cancer research and epilepsy at Boston University that this would be normal. He specifically told me to monitor my glucose because of my disability and to keep it within the range of 60 and 75. That may seem low, but I am eating enough food and it automatically gets that low. I stay under 20 carbs a day. :-) BTW, he wrote a great book: Cancer, the Metabolic Disease. Talking about changing our diet to treat Cancer and examples, research..etc. Apparently, he believes and some others involved with him that cancer cannot grow without glucose due to its abnormality--they believe but are not sure of that specific reason. So, when the brain is operating of Ketones, the cancer cells are not receiving energy. Eventually the cancer stops growing and starts shrinking. Then at that point one might be able to remove the tumor when its controlled. Isn't that interesting? This diet has some evidence of helping with cancer, epilepsy, blood pressure.... and who knows what else that we have yet to discover! Amazing!

- Jude
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