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I am 6'4", 280 lbs. Married with an infant. I carry the weight well, not looking obese, just over weight. However, it has bothered me for a while and I just haven't had the energy I once had. Which is not helpful when in sales and on 100% commission.

I made some changes about three weeks ago and I am simply focused on eating healthy for the rest of my life. I finally feel like I have a reasonable routine that is working. My goal is 240 lbs by July, but my main goal is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and let the numbers work out at their own pace. Eventually I would like to reach 220 lbs, it's been a while (before I met beer and late night pizza in college).

I plan to only weigh in once per month, so I have no idea where I am currently. That being said, my work slacks are already starting to fit better and I have more energy, so I must be going the right direction!
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