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Originally Posted by Lizzycritter View Post
I do, because when I'm run down I crave carbs. What I'm really after is energy, which I don't really get from the heavy starchy junk I eat when I'm not feeling well, but I crave it anyway.
Sounds just like me! Im sick with the flu and on top of that got a chest infection. Ive gained 5 pounds so far. And Im so mad! I dont think people are really believing how sick I am since I have not lost weight. I did lose some in the first week when it was the flu but later when I developed the chest infection I had to eat more just to have a minimal level of strength and I had sick-people-food like chicken and rice soup and fresh fruit and fruit juice and on came the pounds. Im gonna be working my ass off LITERALLY when I get well. Such wonderful misery to look forward to as sick as I already am. Damn!
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