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Goals for Monday – Friday:

Loads of water: Sorta, Y, Need to focus on this more...
Vitamin daily: Y, Y, N, Y
Monitor portion sizes: Y, Y, N
Eat real food (90% is a Y): N, Y, NO
12 min workout, 3 days this week: Tue, Thu
Don’t stress over work…: NO, No, better!, Yes

I got way too hungry during the day yesterday so when DH called from the gym at 5pm and said "why don't I just pick something up" I caved and said Great! Drive thru - Ug - I am paying for it today big time. But I did good by tossing out 1/2 a pan of frosted brownies and the last few slices of pineapple upside-down cake (all from entertaining earlier in the week). And I kicked butt at the gym this morning! I love the 12 minute workout I found!!! Plus free weights and some more core exercises on top of it all and I am not dreading the gym like I used to.
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