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I've had the same log on issues, as well. It lets me log on, but then when I try to go from my section to the forums, it would log me out. Today seems to be better.

My food plan, and eating in general, are going very well. After a year of struggling to focus, it seems as though "the switch" that we all talk about has finally been flipped for me. Don't know how, or why, but I'll take it. It probably had something to do with seeing a number on the scale that I hadn't seen for a long time... that will do it every time! lol After being on a plateau for about a week, the scale started to creak, ever so slowly, down again after I added about 150 cal. first thing in the morning. (I'm terrible about eating breakfast... I usually get involved in one project or another and don't surface until noon.)

Well, have to start my day. I have to look up some new recipes to try for next week and have to scout out a couple of scholarship opportunities... no, it never ends... lol.

Enjoy your day!

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