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Tpeacock - that is so great that your husband is so supportive of your journey. There is nothing better than having a workout buddy!

etlosenow - glad to read that you are not giving up. Anyone who has read this board entry will see that I've been teetering around the same couple pounds since mid September. And if I could just get to it, I'd be done! I've continued to joke that I'm merely "practicing" maintenance, but the fact of the matter is, I think the truth is I've been avoiding that last few pounds because of fear. Fear that if I hit my goal weight... it means that the only direction to go now is back up. The thought of gaining back all that I worked for is just HORRIBLE! So by teetering just above the goal weight, I am avoiding my fear.

But, its a new year So, I continue with the journey. I am encouraged. Was recently up to 143.5, and today I weighed in at 142 again. So 2 pounds from goal. Again. For like the 12th week! LOL! I'm logging my food like crazy again. Its really really helping to keep me accountable. I'm staying motivated to drink my water, and work out 3x a week. At least for the last week I have been anyway!!!!

Told my husband I wanted to go to the gym once kids went to bed last night, and once they went to bed, I started folding clothes. He reminded me that I said I wanted to go. I said, yeah but look at the laundry? And he said, GO, dont worry about the laundry. We will get it all done. I am so glad he said that. So, I went to the gym and I had an AWESOME workout. Small victories!!! Hubby is not trying to lose weight with me, but he continues to be so so supportive of my efforts. When I eat poorly he does not say anything, and when I do well he's right there patting me on the back. I hope the rest of you have partners that are so supportive.

So, its been a long and stressful week, but successful for me in regard to the scale. Hoping to keep this momentum going, even 1/2 pound next week would be fantastic.

Good luck to all of you as you continue your fight to better fitness! Have a great week, I'll be checking in soon!
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