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Mike, I had a devil of a time on FitDay yesterday. I'd log in and every time I went to the forums it logged me off. It happened over and over and over, so I gave up and then tried again about an hour later and got my post in. King cake teeth, eh? LOL Good for you on starting to prepare for that half marathon.

Tori, nice Tuesday update! Way to go!

Quinn, your dinner certainly did sound yummy. There's a restaurant near me that makes a sweet potato casserole with cinnamon and sugar and it is sooooo yummy, but soooo taboo for me now. Cod is my favorite fish and I certainly can enjoy fruit and yogurt.

Robin, that's so true--if I don't like the exercise, I just don't have the fortitude to do it at all. The Y does have yoga for seniors, but I don't do it. That's great that you enjoy snowshoing. That must burn a lot of calories!

Joanna, nice report for Monday and Tuesday!

Nyda, I'm glad you're feeling better. Shoveling snow in a balmy 3 degrees! Wow! 8 degrees must feel like a heat wave! Thanks--yes, water does help drain water retention--I know it, but don't practice that enough.

Donna, you ought to see a vast improvement in your next blood cholesterol test. Are you leaning toward vegetarian?

Cassie, so nice to read that you got some extra sleep in. Lord knows you need it!

Jenn, kudos on staying in your carb and protein limit. You're getting close to your fruit and veggie goal! Well, kudos on your clean kitchen. Aw, enjoy your coffee with your friend Saturday.

Caty, I had to chuckle on your newly-found muscles. Ah, grandkids are great. We've got seven of them plus 2 great-grandkids. We have a college student granddaughter living with us. Her mother lives only four miles away and we invited granddaughter to come live with us so we could transport her back and forth to her part time job so she could save up for a used car for college. (No public transportation access where we live.) She saved up for a car, but then decided she liked her bigger bedroom and more privacy here, so she decided to stay. But we also supervise her three siblings before and after school five days a week so she sees her family almost daily. The grandkids certainly help keep us active.

Ama, hi! Kudos on that superb Tuesday report! I hope you enjoy the lasagna. My DH enjoyed it so much that he had a second helping.
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