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Question Running on an empty stomach?

Hi all,

I'm an old user of the food and exercise logs but new to the boards.

I've recently (today) started running again (despite the -6 degrees celcius & windy snowfall, yay me!) and I wanted to ask your opinion on running on an empty stomach. I run about 6.5k (just over 4mi) and today it took me just under 50 minutes (gotta start somewhere!)

Last time I was on a health and fitness kick a couple of years ago I only ever ran on an empty stomach and it didn't (and doesn't) feel bad at all, but I'm just wondering if it's the most efficient way to burn calories (as weight loss is my primary goal at the moment, general fitness a secondary one).

At the moment I'm having two cups of coffee and a piece of whole grain toast (and margarine) for breakfast every day so it's not too heavy, should I try having that first before a run? And how long do I need to wait before starting my run?

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
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