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Hi everyone! Weighed in at 132.4 today-- yeah!
Start date:Feb 2: 142
Stats: 35/26.5/35.5 Thighs 18.....
Goal: 125 (or 34/25/34) whichever comes first!

I changed my date for reaching my goal to June 15....just being realistic as I am losing about 1 lb every ten days. That would be 6 weeks.

I just keep telling myself, why am I so scared to be a little hungry now and then? That's my hang-up! Has to do with something that happened when I was very little, I'm sure.....

You are all doing great! I am so impressed with how many balls you all have in the air at once! As an empty nesting retiree, I find being a full time student satisfies me!

Have a super week--Sharon
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