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OMG, dinner was soooo yummy. Mexican Sausage and Tortilla Lasagna made with low carb tortillas with a side of sweet & sour cucumbers. I'm glad I stayed on track for food so I could enjoy it. If anyone is interested, the recipe is in the Low Carb thread of the Food Forum. Low Carb Recipes post (permalink) #38 1/15/2013

Caty, you're welcome for the welcome. There are a few more here in our age group. I think I'm either the oldest or second oldest. Kudos on going to the gym three times a week. I'd certainly count the PT for knees as exercise. That joint tune up program sounds wonderful. One of the perks of my health insurance is that they pay for membership at the Y for people age 65 and older. So I do the Silver Sneakers Cardio Circuit that uses light impact aerobics with the aid of balls, resistance bands, and hand weights. I progressed to that from the more mild Silver Sneakers Muscle Strength and Range of Motion class. That's three times a week but if I don't get to the gym I do my Walk Away the Pounds For Abs aerobic walking DVD-- and then the other two days I go it alone on the elliptical, stationary bike, and weight machines (only four of them-- abs, back extension, triceps press, and torso rotation.) To be honest, I'd rather curl up with a good book any of the 365 days of the year. Sometimes I have to be strongly encourage by the group to get back to exercise as I sometimes am a slacker. Wonderful that you enjoy gardening. My DH does the garden and I prepare and enjoy the food he grows.

Mike, good for you for exercising your back and shoulders in the pool hall--and elbows getting the pool hall food to your lips.
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