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Just got back from a boot camp class - first time I've gotten up before 6 AM to workout in a looooong time! I really enjoyed it, despite the fact that I didn't notice my infusion set had come loose (ie where my insulin pump is actually connected to me) so when I checked my blood sugar when I came home it was through the roof. Something to watch out for! Anyway, the class is through a gym here that offers basically classes all day long, but it's pretty expensive. I get a free week to try it out, but I'm not sure I can afford a membership. We'll see. I like it too because it's a way to meet people that aren't undergrads. Don't get me wrong, I like undergrads, but... well, they're not my age group, and even my grad student friends are 4 or 5 years younger than me... in other words, maybe I'll meet a nice guy who's got his stuff together! And also, I get to work out Hey, a girl can dream, right?

I think I'm figuring out my night time basal rates - bottom line is when I'm working out, they just have to be a whole heck of a lot lower than they used to be. Since I started running about a month ago, I've had to drop my rate by about 40%!

Starting weight: 192.0 lbs (6/19/2011)
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Current weight: 164.4 lbs (10/28/2013)
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Goal: 132 lbs
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