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Nice goals, everyone! I'm in, using the same goals as usual so I'll post them in my Monday report tomorrow.

Jenn, I especially like your fruits and veggies goal. And one of my personal goals is for you to clean my kitchen. LOL

Kim, I so admire your exercise AND meditation. Good example having a goal to defeat negative thinking.

Cassie, I hope your sadness is relieved. Big hug to ya!

Krystal, get well soon!

Quinn, kudos on your loss!

Joanna, best wishes on figuring out your basal rates.

Donna, I'm especially rooting for your subjective goals.

Mike, best wishes on your goals. I'm going with last week's, too.

Tori, "reasonable" on Saturday and Sunday is good. Best wishes on sticking to that.

Robin, I got a bit of an empathetic chuckle out of your staying in your calorie limit but fortunately not tracking sodium. DH and I enjoyed a big shank portion ham last week and I can feel the water retention in my hands and feet. I took ham salad finger sandwiches to a get-together yesterday so I could start the week without the salty
temptation. Kudos on your exercise! Oh, wow, you put my exercise achievements to shame!

Ama, eating real food 90% of the time is an admirable goal. I hope you enjoy the retreat. Happy Monday to you, too.
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