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Default No one is the same

Good advise, in part.

Everyone is not the same. When I started Atkins in 2004, I did start and end 5 yrs later, on a 'modified' Atkins. Meaning, I was not going by the book, word for word. But definitely doing low carb, with much success.

I have not refreshed and read the book. I, personally don't need it. You stick to low carb, with little to no sugars, more fat than proteins and you will see results.

Originally Posted by dread77706 View Post
Buy, borrow, or steal the book: "Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution".
Read it. Understand it. Realize it's a lifestyle change. You will never stop eating like this.

If you decide to go with it, don't experiment with the induction phase.
Later, you'll get a little room to try different things, but once past the first two or three weeks, you'll understand that starches and sugar are responsible for making you fat, and you'll avoid food that contain unnecessary amounts of carbs and sugar.

Above all, don't make up your own diet.
The silliest posts imaginable start with "I'm on a modified Atkins, ..." Uh, no they're not on Atkins.
They're on "A Goofy Made-Up Eating Plan That Stole the Atkins Name Diet"

Best of luck.
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