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So many things you've said ring true for me as well. I was a faithful low carber for over 4 yrs. Went from 177 to 117 in about 5 months. Maintained for years. 16 yr relationship gone, relocated cross country, single mom of 3 boys, lost a job and 'relapsed' with my eating and endulged in nightly drinks.

Back at 174 and one week in to induction. On my second week, beginning Monday I will start to also cut back on calories, which is basically only having chicken, fish and occasional pork.

I think the biggest change and adaption that Im dealing with is my Splenda. I have dropped down to 6 packets per day from about 12.

Best of luck to you and all the others that join in on this wonderful way of life.

Are you recipes posted anywhere. I'd be interested to see.

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Back about 12 years ago now, my brother was diagnosed as obese and had to start taking high blood pressure medicine. They also believed him to be diabetic. He had enough and started Atkins. He lost 55lbs on Atkins and then started body building. He has done several body building and power lifting competitions and 12 years later is in the best shape of his life at 44 years old. He was my inspiration for starting Atkins.
I was 34 years old and recently single. Facing dating for the first time in my life at a weight of almost 180lbs was just not appealing. I started Atkins with a goal of about 150lbs. I surpassed that goal and maintained a size 6 at 130-137 lbs for 4 1/2 years! I had never found anything in my whole life that had worked for me but Atkins seemed to be the way.
In the past several years I started my own business and now work 2 full time jobs (the day job and my business). I stopped eating right and stopped exercising. It's taken a long time to gain the weight back and I've gone up and down but this fall, I lost my father and since that time have been eating for the past 3 months from grief and convenience. I gained 15lbs since October and basically am starting at 170lbs.
After only a few days on Atkins I have to say that I feel a lot better. I'm actually trying to restrict my calories this time as well as carbs. I can maintain my weight indefinitely by limiting my carbs but I seem to need a bit of calorie restriction to really lose weight and lose quickly which is why FitDay works so well. Makes it easy to log my food and really see what I'm doing. So, I'm about to turn 41 in February and I'm really hoping to find the lasting commitment I had to the program before. I still have 2 jobs and too many obligations for my time but the farther away I get from fitness, the less I am able to do. Thanks for listening, I needed to write about this and remind myself about my journey on this plan. It has changed my life completely before and it can do it again.

BTW, I love to cook and after many years on Atkins I am an ace at making substitutes for almost anything I might be craving. I have tons of fabulous recipes and tips for making things taste good.
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