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Originally Posted by emily.christina View Post
So i have a general question about activity logging. I go to the gym 6x/week and use the calories burnt on the machines to enter into my activity log here. So thats generally pretty accurate, but I was wondering if I should be logging my 8 hours of sleep per night in my activity log. I notice when I do log it my burnt calories for the day go down by about 400-500 (meaning I should be creating a larger deficit).

Any thoughts on this?
I've touched on this many times. FD states that sleep is factored into the equation, however, I find that when I log sleep it looks more accurate. Many others have said the same thing so when I'm logging I do log my sleep.

Originally Posted by Kathy13118 View Post
How would you log sleeping? It seems even less exertion than being totally sedentary.
Exactly, that's why I log it.
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