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Default Forever in a Plateau?

I have been stuck since november/december in this plateau. I started at 57 kilos and now I'm 53. I'm stuck in 53 kg since months despite I keep such a healthy nutrition and workout every day (upper body + cardio 2 times a week, lower body + cardio 2 times a week, core + cardio 2 times a week + one day of rest). I have been changing the intensity of my workouts, changing the amount that I eat but nothing makes me break this plateau that seems to never end. I really don't know what to do. I'm 1,57m height and I just want to reach my final goal and just maintain my weight at 46 or 47 kg.

I each between 1800 calories for the day I do strength workout, 1600 calories for the days I do core and cardio and 1400 for the day I have rest. Is it too much? When I was eating less I felt that the plateau was worse. When I increased the calories to this amount I felt I lost 2 pounds but them started to e stuck again. Maybe is time to decrease calories.
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