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Default Calories burnt, and heart rate.

Ok, so this may seem like a very simple question, but yes, just wanted to ask it anyway..... so normally I am at the gym, and I can do lets say 65 reps per min on x-trainer, at a certain level, and my heart rate is around 148-152 ish, goes up and down a tiny bit, but that's what it stays at. I'm 26, so it's just under 80% of my max, and I feel at that rate I am getting a sweat up, but not working so hard my heart feels like it's going to explode out of my chest.

Today I go to the gym, and my heart rate was up over 155 bpm, and I was only doing 58-60 reps per min on the x-trainer. (This may have been because I succumbed and had a cheeky cigarette earlier! Ooops..... knew it would affect my work out, and my goodness it did!!! Won't be doing that again in a hurry!!)

SOOOO, my question is, obviously the machine told me I burned a lot less calories than I did the other day when I went, as I didn't do so many reps etc on x-trainer, BUT obviously today my heart worked a lot harder. I know calories are not everything to go on, but yeah....what would have actually burned more? Where my heart was working harder I presume?

Thanks in advance.
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