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Hello everyone! I haven't had much time for the forums between the holidays and working more hours, but I haven't given up. I, like some others here, also experienced a bit of a gain with all of the celebrating. I got back to really clean eating on the first and have been pretty good with sticking to it everyday (and I work in a kitchen ). I've been using my success with that to put off exercise... silly me. I'll begin today.

Chris- good luck with your working out! Its so easy to 'not have the time' for the things we really don't look forward to doing. It's great that you were honest with yourself though and that you'll be tackling it head on! I like your idea of setting a specific number of workouts that will occur within a timeframe. I'm definitely going to use that plan.

Becca- you can get back on track with your goals! We all slip up now and then, especially if we stop paying attention to our normal measures of progress.

Canary- welcome back to the boards!

Farah- welcome!

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