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Hello Everyone....

I am 32 years old and currently weighing in at 147. I started working out to
P90x on January 1st and have not missed a day yet. When I started I was at 148. I have been following their diet plan pretty closely and have stayed around 1400-1500 calories everyday which is hard because I'm never hungry. You are supposed to try for 50% of calories from protein, 30% from carbs and 20% from fat which has been pretty consistent for me. The workouts are hard, but I have been working hard at them as well. Why haven't I seen more of a difference in weight or body? It's discouraging.

2 years ago I weighed almost 160 and just counted calories and did half hour workouts to Biggest Loser DVD's and lost 20 pounds...I don't remember how long it took, but it just seemed to come off easier.

Any suggestions??
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