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Default Fri.

  • Cholesterol < 250 mg/day: 250, 188, 196, 183, 173
  • Lift weights @ gym (> 30 mins): Y
  • & Exercise > 30 mins x 2: Y(1), Y(2)
  • Vegetables! > 3 servings/day: Y, Y, Y, N, N
Emphatic NO on vegetables. Otherwise looks good. Cals in >= cals out all week.

Mern, Jenn: there's a reason they call professional medical advice 'opinions.' It's good to hear a few, but You have to determine if the info you receive is right for you. I have to say though, the idea of inducing diabetes in order to control blood sugar sound totally absurd. And just like something a big pharma shill would recommend.

Cassie: I have some advice on how to log spicy basil shrimp. I'd break it down into the main parts. Approx. how many shrimp, what size, broiled/baked or steamed. Log that. Then ... Did it have rice? Was it in a broth? Were there veggies? If so, what was the main veggie / grain / soup base. Estimate the portion(s) of that stuff. Ignore anything that's low cal, such as basil/spices/etc. Hope this helps.

Hope! Sorry you are having arguments with your daughter. I'm not sure if that's better or worse than communication shutting down completely. I'm sure that as she gets older, she'll come around to your side.

Whew! that's a lot for this am. Later all.
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