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Originally Posted by redmaz6300 View Post
Is it possible to create a custom food, like salad, with multiple ingredients in FitDay. I'd like to make a custom food that lists several ingredients and then i can pick the ones that I used for my salad that day.

yes, I do all my entried like this. Very handy if you use the paleo menumailers or the new jimmy moore paleo meals. Each recipe gives the nutritional data for 1 serving, so its easy to enter as a custom food. If you are orgnised, its easy to access each custom meal for your daily journal. Mine are listed, for example, '1-BR02-ham & eggs, or 5-BF03-beef tacos' and so forth.
sounds tedious to enter, but the 1- or 3- etc keeps all the BR (breakfasts) and other daily componenst togethr. That takes care of entering the majority of foods eaten. I also have a section at the bottom of the list prefixed 'XX' for the occasional titbits like a pickle or piece of fruit. I NEVER use the main list, only custom. I am paleo and just cook real food so wouldn't eat most of the stuff offered (I consider it 'not-food' if it has a list of ingredient.)
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