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Joanna, kudos for knowing how to be able to keep Starbucks on your menu. I'm sure a lot of people will benefit from your sharing. My wonderful, super-helpful doc was able to help me get my blood sugar down to normal through diet, but she had run out of ideas to help me with speeding up my metabolism through diet to lose weight.

Cassie, Yeah, that dietitian from the pharmaceutical company IS a moron. We had our drizzle earlier in the day and have blue sky and 58 degrees at 5:30PM.

Hope, even when I resented my Mom for trying to give me impetus, deep down I knew she was right. Mine wasn't about weight, but about my former fiance. And I had to be the one who was willing to suffer short-term in order to have a secure, happier life in the future. Hey, you didn't tell DD she had to be perfect, just better about her choices. One "comfort" slice of pizza is OK--you were in control. The family member about whom I am speaking made me want to explode again today with yet another asinine choice that isn't going to matter a drop in a bucket on alleviating any problems. To my credit, I merely fantasized about throwing rocks. LOL Yup, I'm with you on keepin' on keepin' on.

Mike, kudos on the fruit/veggies and policy writing. Oh no! Are you sick? If so, wishing you a speedy recovery!
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