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Lisa: Log everything! For me, it's good to have a visual reminder of where I went astray, what I've got to 'make up for' and what I should avoid next time. As in: What's with those spikes in the chart? a) Chocolate b) Red Wine c) Red Wine & Chocolate d) Champagne, Shellfish, & Butter.
(Answers in white to protect the weak.)

Mike: If you get a new bed, make sure to spend the time to find the right one for you. The one Honey bought was one of those "highly recommended" (ie: pricey) models, but he hasn't had an issue in the five+ years since then. Still it was probably cheaper that doctor visits + time off from work.

Joanna: In my experience, low cals + red wine is not a healthy combo. One or the other may work, but not both!
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