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Needing to lose 4 stone is one thing, trying to do it by fasting or dramatically reducing calorie intake is very different.

I am not sure what Doctor would subscribe to fasting especially with someone with a history of eating disorders of this kind. Just think this through... just because your Doctor is supporting you, is this really sensible with your history when other sensible options are available?

I think that the best advice anyone could give, is to stop doing things that are bad for your body (you should have had enough of that once you realised you had gained weight). Fasting is bad for your body and will encourage the body to burn lean tissue (Muscle) rather than fat. Your chances of maintaining the weight loss are next to zero as you will not have changed your lifestyle. (you cannot fast forever so you are most likely to return to the habits that caused the weight gain).

If you have weight to lose, eat a healthy amount of food that gives you the goodness your body needs. Exercise regularly at an elevated heart rate and you will see the weight come off. You should also get some personal satisfaction and you might even learn to love the lifestyle.

I baffles me that despite all the available evidence of what actually works, people are prepared to put their health at risk by doing this kind of thing....
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