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Originally Posted by LNS03 View Post
Thanks for the suggestions. I'll try to focus on more protein and less carbs. Right now I'm eating up to 1800 calories, which is the suggestion I was given from FD. I'm hoping that it will get easier with time...I honestly think that I'm addicted to sugar because I never feel satisfied until I have carbs or something sweet!
I think I am addicted to sugar as well, and it took a few days to get rid of those cravings. In the past I learned that giving in to the craving (having a little treat) just brought the cravings on more. If I am eating low carb and no sugary treats, voila! no cravings. But it takes a few days (maybe a week) for the withdrawal.

One thing I think is really impt is to be able to distinguish between hunger and cravings.

Also I find that a cup of green tea helps me when I feel like snacking. It seems to take that snacking urge away.

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