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Originally Posted by dmartz View Post
Mike: I know this is just one bit of anecdotal info that may not be worth a plug nickle, but... My Honey used to have chronic back pain, on and off for years. Used to get shots for it and everything. Until... one day I was adamant that we get a new mattress set and, Miracle Cure! He hasn't been bothered by back pain since. I, on the other hand, don't sleep as well on this bed as I did on the last one, but if it cures what ails him, I love it.

Your mileage may vary. Hope you feel better soon.

- Donna
I new mattress would definitely help. I actually flipped and turned it yesterday, but I think it's all flipped and turned out. This is my middle back, which has been bothering me for a couple weeks. Yesterday at the gym we were going to do over heard barbell military press. I was going to sit down because I know my back as been on the edge. My buddy wanted to do it standing up, so against my better judgement, I did as well. On my 3rd set, when the bar was fully extended over my, I felt like my balance was off and tensed up just enough to tweak my back. I'm paying for it today. I also have a lower back issue, bulging discs and have had a series of epidurals.
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