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1. Log Mon-Fri Mon--Thurs yes
2. Stay away from sweets--squares, donuts (and Tim Horton's muffins count too) yes, yes, yes we shall see tomorrow as we usually go after getting groceries. Stayed home and exercised so YES
3. Drink the darn water--6 glasses Mon-hmm only 4 so far so no Tues-Thurs-6 I have been drinking half a glass when I get up in the middle of the night and another half when I wake up
4. 4 servings fruits and veggies yes, yes Wed-only 3, yes
5. Eat within carb/protein limit 140/60 Mon-135/40, Tues 145/56, Wed 130/45 Thurs over on both
6. Exercise 5X--30 mins Mon and Wed-20 min, Tues NONE, Thurs 35min

Ugh not quite up to the 30 min average but I will try and get some exercise in Sun.
It's funny how I think I'm eating fairly healthy and still over on carbs--clementines are 18 for 2.

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