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Focus on real food (90% is a Y): Y, Y, Y, Y (so far)
Focus on H2O: Y, Y, Y, Y
Vitamin daily: N, N, N, Y
Get back to exercising: N, N, Maybe tonight... (N), Y
Get scrapbooking project ready to go: N, N, N, Thinking about it...
Finish writing Chapters 1 and 2 for Projects A and B: N, Making Progress, Almost done with Project A, still on A, B will need to wait until next week.
Don't stress over work/finances: N, Y, Better, Starting not to give a crap...

Can't keeeep uuuuppp with the posts! I can hardly find my goals each day . But just a few replies, I hope to do better next round...

Mike - Poor baby! I hope your back feels better soon.

Joanna - What to do with extra calories... hmmm, alot of naughty treats come to mind, but I'll be good and suggest avocado!

Cassie - Regarding scrapbooking, I am a big time cheater. Ever seen those albums where you just slip the pix in slots, then add some words . Have fun with your sons album!

Lisa - 4.5 lbs! That's fantastic!!!!

Quinn - Yay!!! 3 lbs down!

Hi Sarah - Welcome! Good luck with your goals!
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