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Hello all,

I'm new to this site and I'm so glad I've found it! I posted on the Welcome board about my journey to get healthy again (I Finally Go It!) and a moderator suggested that I post here. I'm trying to get healthy not just in body but mind and soul too. I want to celebrate my journey by having as much fun taking off a hundred pounds as I did putting it on. I was shocked to see myself in some Christmas pictures and decided it was time to do something. I sat down and had a real talk with myself and I didn't like what I heard. I'm not interested in beating myself up--there's not point. I realize that I can be just as stressed, happy, frustrated while being healthy as overweight!! This outer shell isnít me!! So I'm taking charge of my life. I'm delighted to say that my husband and family is rooting for me in the coolest way. They want to work out with me!! Woot woot! I like it.

Today I have a child home from school and I couldn't go to the gym. So I pulled out my hand weights and my Biggest Looser DVD. It was a great workout and it kept me on track. No more excuses for me! I was looking at the other posts and I saw the accountability checklist and I'd love to adopt it too. This is an amazing place with amazing people.

Water--4 down
Food log--yes
I can't remember the others but you'll be seeing them on my posts. Getting healthy isn't for sissy's!!!!
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