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Originally Posted by bojibridge View Post
Nice job, Lisa - I agree, whatever kind of weight it is, I'm just glad when it's gone!

So, interesting problem I'm having... I've started drinking a lot less coffee in the past couple of weeks - not actually on purpose, just haven't been in the mood for it as much, I guess. Anyway, as I've said before, I never skimped on my half and half, because I just liked it, darn it! But now I have like 300 extra calories floating around to use, which is good when I'm hungry, but when I'm not, I'm not sure what to do with them. So my question is - what is the best time of day to use those calories? Breakfast? My breakfasts are pretty low calorie now - usually Greek yogurt with some fruit, only about 150 calories. I could add more, although that usually gets me through 'til noon. Although, as I'm saying that, my stomach is rumbling, and it's 10:40... Opinions?
Here's my suggestion...

Either don't add anything to compensate the extra 300 calories, if you feel ok at that level or add something very high fiber around that amount... say granola or something similar to your yogurt to make your body digest it more slowly. That should fix the "rumbly tumbly" as Pooh would say.

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