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Originally Posted by lcriswell0421 View Post
Have you taken your measurements? Since muscle weighs more than fat, if you are exercising you may be gaining muscle. Maybe take your measurements once a month and see if you see any difference in the inches instead of watching the scale. I agree with others here. It will work if you stick to it. Sometimes (most of the time) it doesn't happen as fast as we think it should, but it will.
Thanks Lisa ive heard that theory before and I have one of those scales that measure bmi and hydration. My issue with this is that even though you may be right to a small degree I know from research a hardcore body builder that is not taking steroids would be hard pressed (no pun intended) to put on more than a pound or two of muscle a month and two would be a lofty goal at that. So I don't think a 52 year old man like myself doing light weight training 15 minutes a day is doing much more than just maintaning. I appreciate the encouragement and ive been meaning to take measurements and record them. Maybe this weekend.
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